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COVID and the Flu: Why You Should Get a Flu Vaccine

COVID and the Flu: Why You Should Get a Flu Vaccine

Every year, thousands of people suffer from the flu. But this year, the flu is accompanied by another threat—COVID-19. Both the flu and COVID are contagious respiratory diseases that are caused by viruses. They also have some similar symptoms.

While any pharmacy in Land O Lakes, Florida, would recommend having a flu shot yearly, getting one has never been more important than now.

We have listed down the reasons why:

  • It Is the Best Way to Prevent the Flu.
    There are different ways to stay protected against the flu, like washing your hands regularly as well as taking vitamins and over the counter medications. But, the flu vaccine is definitely the most effective solution.
  • It Is Safe to Get the Vaccine During the Pandemic.
    Clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies follow strict safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while people get their flu shot. These measures include symptom screening, social distancing, and mandatory mask use.
  • The Flu Vaccine Can Help Fight Against the Pandemic.
    When more people get the flu vaccine, the number of flu-related hospital visits will decrease. This, in turn, helps healthcare workers save vital resources—such as COVID testing supplies. The flu shot can lower the demand for testing and will enable doctors to diagnose COVID-19 cases more simply.
  • It Can Protect You from COVID-Related Complications.
    The flu vaccine will not prevent you from catching COVID, but it may help lower your risk of getting a more severe version of it. You see, a major flu infection can weaken your immune system and expose you to other diseases.

Getting the flu shot not just lowers your chance of getting influenza; it can also reduce its seriousness if you do get it. Therefore, your body will have a stronger ability to defend itself against COVID.

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