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Why Should You Avoid Skipping Your Medications?

Why Should You Avoid Skipping Your Medications?

Have you ever tried missing a dose or two of your prescription or over the counter medications? This may not have caused you any harm but if you keep skipping your doses for whatever reason, then you may experience some problems down the line.

As a community pharmacy in Florida, we would like to share some of the reasons why you should avoid skipping your medications:

  • You May Miss Out on the Best Opening

    If you are taking pain medicines for arthritis, then it is best to use them before your symptoms start. This is when they are at their most effective. If you don’t, it may be more difficult to squash your pain flare-ups.

    Have asthma? Using your inhaler when it’s too late means you may not avoid irritated airways.

  • You May Experience Major Complications

    There’s a reason why your doctor has given you prescription medications. It’s to help you manage your medical condition. For example, you need to take pills for your hypertension according to schedule; otherwise, you will have a higher risk of stroke, kidney failure, or a heart attack.

  • Your Treatment May Be Unsuccessful

    Have you been prescribed antibiotics? Your infection might stay longer or, worse, come back if you failed to finish them all. Remember, your body can build resistance to antibiotics, so you should still take them even if you already feel alright.

Avoid missing a dose of your medications with help from Graceland Pharmacy & Medical Supply! Our pharmacy in Land O Lakes, Florida offers prescription refills, prescription management, and more. Please feel free to get in touch with us today.

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