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Signs You Need to Switch to a New Pharmacy


When choosing the pharmacy you can trust to supply your medications, you have to check the type of service they provide. Consumer Reports mentioned that not all chain pharmacies are the top providers of the best services. A local pharmacy in Land O Lakes, Florida, can be your best example. The local option is the one to choose when it comes to accuracy, speed, helpfulness, and pharmacists’ knowledge.

Switching to a new drugstore may not be that easy. You involve your entire family and doctor about this decision. A community pharmacy in Florida may not provide the service that you expect like others. Check the following signs if it is the time to switch:

  • You can’t contact the pharmacist.

    You know that generic counterparts of prescription drugs may work the same. You should talk about any counterindication or side effects with the pharmacist.

  • You have to wait for prescriptions.

    Did you contact the pharmacy for an advanced order of your prescription medicines? If this takes too long to be handled even after you made an advanced order, it’s a sign to switch.

  • You experience running out of over the counter medications.

    This situation may be an isolated case. But, you should take note of it as it can affect your effort and time in going to their store.

Graceland Pharmacy & Medical Supply could be your next pharmacy to trust. They can provide medications and medical supplies for those who need them the most. Feel free to contact us.

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