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How Dangerous Is Sulfa Allergy?


This type is not the kind of allergic reaction one will just ignore. Although this can be prevented and medicated, it can lead to serious problems when neglected.

Sulfa allergy came from sulfa drugs that treat health conditions. This is a rash that will develop in the body if they are having a serious reaction to a medicine. Usually, if you experience this kind of allergy you will get:

  • skin rash or hives
  • itchy skin or eyes
  • breathing difficulty
  • face swelling

In some instances, this allergy can lead to serious skin reactions such as:

  • Sulfonamide drug hypersensitivity syndrome. Where rash, fever, and organ problems will begin weeks after taking the drug
  • Drug eruption. Red or swollen, rounded patches in your skin will develop that will usually last for 30 minutes to 8 hours
  • Stevens-Johnson syndrome. The more life-threatening reaction where it will cause the skin to blister and peel off

Thus, always be aware of your body and how it will react to the medications that are prescribed to you. It is great to know what your drug allergies are so that you can prevent them. While talking to your physician about it is good, it is also best to consult pharmacists. Graceland Pharmacy & Medical Supply is a pharmacy in Land O Lakes, Florida that also offers pharmacist consultations.

As a community pharmacy in Florida, we see to it to offer retail prescription medications, medical supplies, and other health essentials. We even offer free deliveries in select areas in our community.

Choose the service that fits you in the services that we offer. For overthecounter medications, call us for inquiries and assistance.

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