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Common Diseases during Spring That You Can Prevent


Spring is a good season, especially if you love the rain. As pleasant as the weather can be, people love going out during the springtime. Nonetheless, you have to be careful with common illnesses that can easily spread this season. We encourage you to follow the advice of your friendly community pharmacy in Florida to stay happy and healthy.

  • Flu

    Flu is more common during winter, but it can infect individuals even in warmer temperature. You have to continue washing hands, drinking more water, and taking your vitamins, especially that the flu-like coronavirus disease is still rampant.

  • Allergies

    With the sprouting flowers, growing bushes, and budding trees, allergy-causing elements will be around you this season. If airborne allergens trigger sneezing, swelling, or itchy skin on you, better to stay at home or protect yourself when going out. You may also ask for over the counter medications if you expect symptoms.

  • Asthma

    Asthma has the same triggering elements as an allergy. However, aside from pollens, molds, and dust mites, the warm temperature may also cause the asthmatic condition. Manage the air conditioner in your home or car to prevent triggers. Consult your pharmacy in Land O Lakes, Florida for an inhaler or prescribed medicine.

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