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Discover Tips to Help Cope with Spring Allergies


After a cold winter, you may feel tempted to spend time outside under the warm spring sun. If you have seasonal allergies, however, you may suffer from symptoms like congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose. As a community pharmacy in Florida, we will share effective tips to help cope with spring allergies:

  • Recognize allergy symptoms.

    Although seasonal allergies mainly affect the mouth, nose, and eyes, you may not experience the full array of symptoms. Recognizing allergy symptoms and knowing when your symptoms are at their worst provides an idea of what you may be allergic to. This helps manage allergies and avoid seasonal irritants.

  • Reduce exposure to allergy triggers.

    There are several ways you can reduce exposure to allergy triggers. On dry, windy days, it’s best to stay indoors. Delegate lawn mowing and other gardening chores to a family member to reduce allergens at home. It also helps to wear a pollen mask when you go outside and avoid hanging laundry outdoors.

  • Use over-the-counter medicine.

    There are several over the counter medications available that can help alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Be sure to keep non-prescription medications like decongestants, oral antihistamines, and nasal sprays at home or in your bag when you go out in case you experience an allergic reaction.

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